Summer Loving

What are you going to wear on the beach this summer? In this day and age when bikinis are becoming smaller and smaller, it is hard to know what to wear on the beach. Not all men appreciate microkinis. I bought a microkini when I went on holiday with my London escorts friends last year. In the end, I ended up not wearing it. It was simply not comfortable enough and I ended up struggling to go for a swim with the rest of the girls in our London escorts party.

This year, I have decided that I am going to invest in a tankini instead. Not all London escorts are into tankinis, but from what I can understand, they are going to end up being a popular choice. What is so great about tankinis? Most London escorts don’t think that they are very sexy, but one thing is for sure, they are very comfortable when it comes to beach activities. Let’s face it, unless you are on an adults only holiday, you may not want to show all of your bits as they say.

What else are we going to see on the beach this year? Small tiny dresses are going to be popular as well. Not that you are meant to go swimming in a dress. You wear it to the beach and take it off once you are on the beach. Next time I have a day off from London escorts, I am planning to go shopping and buy a couple of dresses that I can wear when I am going to the beach this summer. I have a feeling that they will look pretty nice on me and my London escorts friends.

What about footwear? Do cheap London escorts like to show off their sexy legs? Yes, sandals are still in and you must simply have a pair of sandals to make the most of your beach holiday this year. When I am on holiday, I love to shoe shop. I often end up going back to London with endless pairs of flip-flops. They are not the sort of thing that you wear when you are on duty with London escorts, but they still look really good when you are at home or out in the park with your friends.

Toe rings are coming back. A few years ago, toe rings were really in and I remember buying loads. Fortunately, I have kept all of mine and I am planning to take them with me when I go on holiday this year. I am sure that I will look really sexy on the beach. It will be interesting to see what the other girls from our London escorts agency are planning to wear on the beach this summer. Are they going to slaves to fashion or are they going to go their own way? I think it is nice to stand out in a crowd and look a little bit different from the rest of the girls on the beach. That is something London escorts are really good at!


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