Subway surfer 2 is one of the most awesome online games we get to enjoy today.

You take this cool character around buses while dashing, sliding and running for your life is the experience this game offers to the player. You can see some gameplay action down below.

Games online subway surfers 2 overall in its name alone has a great rush to it making it one of the most exciting games in market today. Well this but a tip of the iceberg, gaming goes deeper with thousands of different games developed for user fun that you can also play free games farm heroes saga.  Have you played that one?

Technology is been fully employed to enhance gaming experience and there is now significant progress.

Xbox one games,virtual reality games,play station games and online slot games are the 21st century new form of play time for the 21st century world. Fun,intriguing and at times educative is how i would simply define my game time. Wouldn’t you?

Game developers are continuously coming up with creative stuff that can keep you glued to your screen all day and leave your fingers feeling numb from striking your pads. “Anticipation produced in me a sensation somewhere between hope and fear.”

This is how most game player’s describe what they go through when playing this exciting games. Now imagine if the sensation was to be enhanced…


Virtual reality games have become an art,creating constructive and creative material for users. This looks like it will be the future of gaming, most tech lovers will appreciate the use of graphics and detail to animation.

With a proper virtual reality kit, the virtual reality is insane! The Virtual reality kit is made of a headset-this looks sort of big goggles that cover your eyes and go around your head and good pair of headphones.

Additionally you can get hand controllers such as joy pads to control your gestures from your real world and translate them to the game.

These VR games are found in Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and 3, MAC and PC. Virtual reality games still need gadgets with great juice to back up the graphics,animations and “second world.” but in any of this devices Virtual reality games can run.

Virtual reality games takes you beyond the strokes of pads and immense you to a new world, that take you on different adventures and explore using your sense. You gotta invest into on of these in the near distant future my friend.

This games have been majorly developed for teenagers, who can easily catch up with the differently changes but a few are still designed for adults.

The virtual reality platform is still virgin territory for most of us but with big companies such as Facebook making investments up to USD 2 Billion towards buying virtual reality start up company Oculus Rift, you need to see what they have to offer this field shows great promise.

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