Draw StickMan Is Such A Fun Game To Play

Five Times Webby Awards Winner – Draw a Stickman Franchise Presents DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2.

Get yourself ready for the most creative DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2 adventure. The first 3 levels are absolutely free of charge.

First, your imagination is all you need. Enter a magical storybook with creatures, features, and mysteries no one has ever seen. Draw your own Stick Dude and watch as it comes to life. Once your stickman starts coming to life, you have a chance to take on more challenges. Collect more drawings and unlock secret levels according to your creativity and share it with the world.


The first opportunity to use your imagination and creativity is here. Bring out the creative you by drawing a stickman. Let your creativity and ideas grow by saving multiple stick figurs images in your sketchbook. You can share your creative productions with your friends if you want.


Kickoff your journey through time and save your friend. You can draw a stickman and create a friend but it is your duty to protect your them. In the alley, danger lurks. Become the hero by maneuvering your friend through danger in the magical world EPIC2. You can get this game at the Google play store. You just need to search for the game and you’ll then be able to download it to your device.


You can draw multiple sketches and save them in your sketchbook. The drawings will help you through the journey.


You have a chance to share your creativity with the world. With the new share features, you can send your drawings to friends as well as receive their drawings. You can use your friends drawings in your adventure to help you through the journey.


The epic battles offer you a chance to use your creativity, drawings, and quick thinking. You will need all your strategies to battle against mysterious creatures like fire-breathing dragons, frogs with super long tongues and goblins. You must use your strategies, drawings, and creativity to solve puzzles.

When you move from one environment to another, choose from different tools, pencils, and drawings to help you go past every obstacle. New features give you an opportunity to choose from a variety of pencils and color pellets.

Have fun with the new features in DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2 by using more color pellets and the additional tools. Put your creativity and strategies to work and become a hero.
Share your success through the new sharing feature and get help from friends as well.

DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC 2 is the ultimate sequel that you have been waiting for. Take your time and explore your world of games and challenges and have fun.

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